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The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards assists students in applying for scholarships and fellowships funded by sources independent of the University of Kentucky. Our office administers the campus nomination process for 12 awards that require institutional endorsement. We also provide guidance to students applying for awards that allow direct application.




Isha Chauhan Named Astronaut Scholar, DAAD RISE Intern

Biology senior Isha Chauhan was named one of the country's 68 prestigious Astronaut Scholarship recipients and completed a DAAD RISE research internship in Germany.

UK Opened Doors for Actor-Turned-Teacher & Fulbrighter Courtney Hausman

2023 Fulbright Award Recipient Courtney Hausman was living in New York City and pursuing a musical theater career when the COVID-19 pandemic changed her life’s trajectory.

134 Fulbright student recipients

12/6 Goldwater Campus Deadline

12 University Endorsed Awards

UK's Hadeel Abdallah Named Rhodes Scholar

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